Who we are

PaySite is a payment gateway that allows business owners to receive payment on their web portal. PaySite offers a single payment integration platform supporting all cards solutions e.g. Verve, Mastercard, Visa, eTranzact cards. The emergence of PaySite will enable business owners to use a single interface for integration contrary to what was obtainable previously - having to separately integrate to different payment switches (e.g. Verve, Mastercard, Visa, eTranzact etc.). PaySite benefits businesses because it reduces the cost of integrating with each vendor since it unifies all payment platforms including cash payment at the bank as well as PayPal. PaySite is “proudly Nigerian”, developed in Nigeria for the local and international markets to reduce cost, difficulties and complexity of receiving payment online.

About us

PaySight offer full support for websites on any existing platform. Our experts are always available to give support to users by providing detailed information on setting up and secure integration with Paysight.


Our Mission

To be the open financial platform for building financial products that connect people locally and globally at unbeatable rates.


Our Services

To be a leading payment aggregator and faciliator in Africa by 2020 Our feature-rich platform makes it easy for your business to accept payments securely — online, in app, and in person.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading financial platform delivering value to enhance financial inclusion



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